Tough Talk on American Foreign Aid

GlobeTracker| We just finished a great global AID panel discussion at ‘Women in the World’ conference, moderated by Richard Haas, with two Anne of Carversville features: Dambisia Moyo and Jacqueline Novogratz.

Dambisia Moyo isn’t the first person to quantify the failure of aid dollars in Africa, which was a topic on the podium.  The new TIME features a story about British music industry veteran and African aid promoter Bob Geldof, who’s furious with the BBC for airing a story alleging that Ethiopian rebels had diverted 95% of the $100 million in Ethiopian famine relief raised in the mid-1980s — much of it by Geldof’s iconic Band Aid concert.

Earlier this week we featured the coming investigation of aid to Somalia, where it’s estimated that 50% of aid is going to terrorists, UN officials and the government. Read on When Humanitarian Aid Winds Up in the Wrong Hands via TIME

Dambisia Moyo, Author of ‘Dead Aid’ Gives in-Depth C-Span Interview

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