Torturous Stories from Afghanistan's Women

Love|Peace  We have two stories out of Afghanistan: one good Afghanistan’s women defy militants to learn to read and the other one disconcerting US Admits Role in February Killing of Afghan Women.

Ehsanullah Ehsan has devoted his life to educating women in Taliban territory. Reading his words, they deserve a bigger story than the short posts in Daily News. For now, the headline is that under the guise of Koranic stury-groups, Mr Ehsan’s efforts have reached around 450 women students in 29 villages in Zabul province.

Life in Kabul isn’t as good for Afghan women. US officials now admit that the deaths of three Afghan women killed by an American Special Operations assault on Feb. 12 were covered up. Worse yet is a new report that Special Operations forces dug bullets out of the bodies of the women to tamper with evidence. Walls were washed, bullets were missing. In every aspect, the operation is both a human nightmare for the women killed, along with their families, and for NATO forces who issued false reports.

As a sidenote, Afghanistan has the second highest maternal death statistics in the world. Two of the three women were pregnant, with one having 10 other children and the other six. What a nighmarish end to what must have been grueling existences for these women.