Tina Fey: Total Woman

Cotton-twill bustier dress, $1,995, Yves Saint Laurent worn by Tina Fey for Harper’s BazaarTina Fey has intimated that Sarah Palin just may come out of her closet again.

Ms. Palin is postulating about the dollar and global currency fluctuations.

Sarah Palin is correct re major concern about the dollar, but Mrs. Palin really isn’t equipped to lead the discussion on this serious global problem. Let’s at least get Tom Friedman, who’s been talking about the issue for years.

I hear that Tina Fey has always wanted to take on an American economic policy discussion — Palin-style.

This month’s Harper’s Bazaar interviews Tina Fey: geek, mom, wife, writer, producer and movie star.

The photography is genuinely uninspired. You are look at Fey in a $2000 YSL dress.

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Tina Fey playing Sarah Palin via NY Daily News