Tina Brown Heads Merger of The Daily Beast | Newsweek

RedTracker| If you Google News Tina Brown this morning, up comes a long list of reads about the failed merger talks between Newsweek and Tina Brown’s The Daily Beast, financed by Barry Diller’s IAC Corp. The press and pundits reports are all wrong.

The combined entity will be called the Newsweek Daily Beast Co. and will operate under the editorial direction of the Daily Beast’s editor, Tina Brown, who reviously was the top editor at Vanity Fair, the New Yorkers, and the defunct Talk magazine.

In a release announcing the deal, Brown said: “I see Newsweek and the Beast as a marriage between Newsweek’s journalistic depth and the vibrant versatility the Daily Beast has realized on the web. The metabolism of the Daily Beast will help power the resurgence of Newsweek and Newsweek amplifies the range of talent and audience the Daily Beast can reach.”