TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People List 2011

DolceTracker| TIME magazine has published their list of the 100 most influential people. It is led by Wael Ghonim, the young Google executive who unleashed ‘people power’ in Egypt. Here is the entire list.

I just watched a wonderful video about bonobos — AOC’s favorite animal, although dolphins and elephants rank very high on our list also.

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh has worked with bonobos, the endangered species found only in the Congo, who are most like humans — along with chimps. Bonobos, who are a matriarchal society, are the ‘make love, not war’ ape.

As feminists, we believe that bonobos hold much information about early human behavior, inspiring us that alternatives exist in human behavior, based on early nurturing and teaching. In reality, the ‘uncivilized’ bonobos are peace-loving animals, and we are desperate to save them.

Sue Savage-Rumbaugh: What Bonobos Can Teach Us