TIME Magazine Cites 12 Women in New Generation of 40 Civic Leaders

RedTracker| TIME Magazine lists 12 women and 28 men in its new generation of civic leaders. We would like to see more than 30% women on the list, but we celebrate the ones who are. TIME writes this this new generation of civic leaders is already at work trying to fix a broken system — and restore faith in the process. We will only add that there are some well-known children of politician parents on the list.

Two of the women on the list, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin (D) is defending her South Dakota House Seat against a challenge from Republican Kristie Noem.

Women on the TIME magazine 40 Under 40 list include:

Huma Abedin,Deputy chief of staff to the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon, Executive director, Democratic National Committee

Nikki Haley Republican candidate for governor in South Carolina

Jaime Herrera Republican House candidate in Washington

Ellie Boldman Hill Democratic state representative in Montana

Sarah Huckabee, Campaign manager, Republican John Boozman for Senate

Rachel Kleinfeld, CEO Truman National Security Project

Kristi Noem, Republican House candidate in South Dakota

Hannah Pingree, Democratic Speaker of the House, Maine state representative

Stephanie Herseth Sandlin, Democratic member US House of Representatives, South Dakota

Stephanie Schriock, President Emily’s List (devoted to electing Democratic Women)

Kyrsten Sinema, Democratic state legislator in Arizona