TIME Asks 3 Women, 13 Men If America Is A Less Civil Society?

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde says women bring less ego to negotiations and civil institutions.RedTracker| Fifty years after the second wave of the women’s liberation movement in America, TIME magazine asks 3 women and 13 men Are We Becoming An Uncivil Society?

The reminders of just how far women haven’t come in America is inescapable, given the general consensus among researchers of social behavior worldwide that women leaders promote more cohesive agendas and action plans.

For reasons unknown to us, TIME magazine prefers to get male opinions on how to fix what is generally considered a global male problem.

French Minister of Finance Christine Lagarde, number 43 on the Forbes powerful people list, says that leadership is about psyche. Her cardinal thesis, which she states openly: Women are better leaders than men.

“We don’t necessarily project our own egos into cutting a deal, [getting] our point across, convincing people, reducing them to … a partner lost in the process.” Then, with a hint of mettle, she cuts to the chase: “We inject less libido, less testosterone.”

Lagarde succeeded John Klotsche as chairperson of international law firm Baker & McKenzie in 2000 before assuming her position in the French government. Klotsche endorses Lagarde’s theory that women are better leaders in a piece for the Santa Barbara Independent Libido and Leadership.