Tiffany & Co Supports Salmon Over Gold In Alaska's Bristol Bay

GreenTracker| Tiffany & Co. has joined retailers in the UK, US and France with combined sales of more than $5.75 billion in a boycott of gold from an Anglo American mine that threatens Alaska’s wild salmon inustry.

The plan to excavate a gold and copper mine at the headwaters of Alaska’s Bristol Bay threatens one of the most valuable wild sockeye salmon runs on earth, presently supplying one-third of global supplies, says the Wall Street Journal.

The open pit infrastructure stretching over 30 squae miles and with an 86 mile long access road would generate up to 10 billion tons of contaminated mine waste. The Guardian reports that the tailings lakes, comprised of waste rubble and fluids, would buy two valleys on their own.

“In Bristol Bay, we believe the extraordinary salmon fishery clearly provides the best opportunity to benefit Southwestern Alaskan communities in a sustainable way,” said Michael Kowalski, CEO of Tiffany & Co. “For Tiffany & Co.—and we believe for many of our fellow retail jewelers—this means we must look to other places to responsibly source our gold.” via WSJ

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