Three-quarters of Brits Agree They Snack Around the Clock

RoseTracker| A British poll of 3000 people commissioned by food company Feasters found that almost three in four Britons snacks around the clock, rather than eating three meals.

“Today’s generation appear to prefer quick, convenient snacks over preparing a meal. This is far from surprising when you consider hectic work schedules, social lives and other activities, which fill up the day,” said Feaster’s marketing manager Nicola O’Dwyer.

In fact, the results aren’t nearly that clear; actually they contradict O’Dwyer’s conclusions.

Just 10% of women snacked because of hunger, with 57% snacking due to boredom, compared with 40% of men. Only one in 10 said they snacked because they were too busy to cook a meal. via UKPA

As is the case in America, the British are eating out of stress, sadness, food addictions, changes in brain chemistry and a range of psychological, emotional reasons that may have nothing to do with the actual pace of their lives.

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