Thomas Jefferson | Quotes About God | French Fashion

DolceTracker| We’re not playing with readers’ minds here. Rather, we’re getting serious about fashion, taking March 2010 French Vogue military-inspired fashion and marrying photos to quotes from Thomas Jefferson about liberty and religion. We add a most interesting letter from Jefferson to his nephew about the importance of reason in answering all questions of life.

Jefferson’s home Monticello was re-opened last year, and there’s video of that tour. You will find Anne of Carversville returning to the words of America’s Founding Fathers in the coming months.

It’s true that America wasn’t founded on the concept of a welfare state. But it was also founded on reason, respect for nature and a relationship with religion that’s far more thoughtful than you would believe, listening to television pundits and hardline ministers. I find Jefferson’s words very clear regarding the place of religion in our lives. No more commentary for now. Let’s spend some time learning what the Founding Fathers actually said about religion, morality and being a good citizen. Anne 

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