Theta Brain Waves Reaffirm Tie Between Relaxation and Learning

DolceTracker| Scientists already know that relaxed minds are better at receiving new information.

Further investigation at the California Institute of Technology documents that synchronization in the brain is influenced by “theta waves”, which are associated with relaxation, daydreaming and drowsiness, but also with learning and memory formation.

Erin Schuman of the California Institute of Technology, who also worked on the study, said many learning disabilities appear to be linked to deficiencies in sensory processing and timing. In this case, the volunteers had epilepsy and electrodes were placed directly on the brain’s surface.

“These results provide a potential explanation for these deficits,” she said in an email to Reuters.

“The findings suggest that if doctors were able to optimize the state of the brain, by ensuring it was relaxed, and then synchronize the delivery of the things it needed to learn, the outcome, or memory, might be better, “Ms Schuman explained. via Science Daily