Thesis: Every System Has a Tipping Point; When Reached, There's No Turning Back

America is a nation of people who believe we can “fix” just about anything. TIME magazine is correct. The “gentle unfolding” of global warming imagery — like bath water warming steadily in the tap — is the way Americans view global warming.

Once we’re sure beyond dispute that global warming is happening, then we’ll get serious about fixing the problem and cutting carbon emissions. After all, we’re turnaround artists, right?

In the new issue of TIME, scientists argue that the water tap metaphor for global warming is probably wrong.

Instead, scientists argue, we will reach a tipping point of no return. The current issue of Nature focuses on identifying thresholds indicating that irreversible climate change is near.

Researchers believe that systems of every kind from financial markets to the human body send signals that the ecology is about to burst, even though the outer facade appears ‘normal’ or all systems operating well. A