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Body| Beauty | Culture It’s Anne’s view that life gets squishy for sensual feminists. More fearful of the religious patriarchy than the corruption of civilization because of sexuality, Anne tries to maintain an equilibrium on topics like whether or not the Calvin Klein ad was correctly banned in Australia for promoting violence against women.

This past week causes us to reflect not only on sexuality in advertising, but the recent Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity initiation at Yale, in which pledges marched towards the Yale Women’s Center saying “No means yes, yes means anal. Fucking sluts. My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac, I fuck dead women and fill them with my semen.”

Our apologies to readers, but this is what the Yale men chanted, and we refuse to be politically correct on this topic. We’re talking the future leaders of American business here.

The Yale Daily News wrote that the Yale women over-reacted in calling the chants misogynistic.  The boys were just being immature.

By the time Friday rolled in and the girl friend of Yale Law School associate Supreme Court justice Clarence Thomas backed up the Anita Hill story, Anne decided to write: Calvin Klein X | Yale’s Delta Kappa Epsilon | Clarence Thomas | Boys Will Be Boys?