The Vanity Fair Hollywood Dolls In Repose

Dolls for Vanity Fair’s Hollywood 2010 issueThe Vanity Fair Hollywood 2010 issue is out and about. Hollywood has its history of Dames, but this focus is Dolls. Vanity Fair lets us behind the scenes for a peak at the damsels in repose, waiting for their moment in the spotlight.

First up, Emma Stone smiles for the camera while Anna Kendrick examines her on-set manicure. (Their words, not ours.)

Next, Cornish takes it upon herself to touch up her own makeup while Mulligan and Stewart take a breather. (We sense subterfuge here, a Vanity Fair copywriter in revolt-mode. ) VF speaks of Abbie Cornish, Carrie Mulligan, and Kristen Stewart.

Lastly (Amanda) Seyfried, Rebecca Hall, Mia Wasikowska, (Emma) Stone, and (Anne) Kendrick get into formation for the outdoor group shot, between two soundstages at Paramount.

Can we say that Emma Stone has Dame potential? Read all about the Dolls and see the Vanity Fair 2010 Annie Leibovitz cover in Les Artistes.