The Religious Patriarchy Take Aim At Secularism

HopeTracker|Vatican accusations that people like me are engaging in an anti-Catholic ‘hate’ campaign targeting the pope for his opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage has caused me to do a lot of reflecting.

The Vatican is wrong, regarding my intentions. I want to be governed by laws made by citizens, not have religion running my country. A deeply spiritual person, I believe in the separation of church and state.

Making your critic, who asks legitimate, legal questions, the bad girl is a common strategy of the patriarchy, and I will not retreat.

On the subject of the global boys club, I watched an excellent PBS American Experience show ‘The Mormons’ this week. I’d forgotten that Mormons went all out to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment, when it needed only one more state to pass.

Pollsters report that religion is losing ground in America, as if the moderate middle is the real majority. Technically we are, but this has nothing to do with winning elections or passing legislation in America.The country is in religious|secular gridlock.

Listening to the Vatican, watching the missionary zeal of the Mormon Church today, revisiting the removal of the word ‘democratic’ from textbooks in Texas, downplaying Thomas Jefferson and inserting Phyllis Schlafly as a mover and shaker, all confirm that America is in a precarious place, in terms of our future.

This fight is a huge one for America’s identity and soul, and I personally feel it’s an all-out battle with a twist. He who delivers jobs will win. If that’s God, to heck with Thomas Jefferson.  Read on: The Big Chill | Will God Govern America?