The Priority of Sensuality and Artistry in Our Lives

ArtTracker| On occasion we return to our inspirational roots, in an emotional Anne of Carversville double check that our little boat is still on course, even though the winds have shifted more than once in our uncharted, digital journey.

Inspired by the video in Benjamin Kanarek | Luana Tiefke | Symphony on Ice | Vogue Brazil Sept 2010, Anne followed Kanarek to Paul Coehlo and back to one her favorite essays Sailing Towards Ithaca | Paul Coehlo | CP Cavafy (aka Kavafis).

Rocking in her own waves of thought, Anne revisited For the Birds and the Bees | The Importance of Sensuality in our Lives, then stumbled into the perfect, archived image editorial spread to complement her words. This is how we row at AOC — never sure where we will end up and loving every minute of the trip.

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