The Perfect Husband Makes Friends with the Clothes Washer

RedTracker| Karl Lagerfeld cares a fig’s leaf about the new study out of the London School of Economics that should have Conservatives hopping mad. It seems that working women aren’t the major factor in divorce rates over the last few decades.

The great cause of divorce among 3500 couples with a least one child born in the 1970s is man’s willingness to push the Hoover. Yep. Housework. Men who help out at home — whether the wifey works or not — have lower divorce rates. 

Followup studies should be done in America. Read on in Feminism: Men and Housework Strongest Factor in British Divorce Rates

As for the artistic Mr. Lagerfeld, he’s mad about mass class, shooting thepopularly-priced 3 Suisses catalogue for Fall 2010. 

Noting that Karl has a grand affection for his little washer, it occurred to us that this industrial chic trend is for real.