The Parker-Bradshaw Preoccupation with Poop

sarah jessica parker talks poopRedTracker| TMI is what Gawker calls Sarah Jessica Parker’s decision to talk Kristin Davis and her poop problem in her recent press conference. Frankly, Sarah Jessica Parker is right up there with Woody Allen in being so psychologically transparent, it’s worth a smile if she wasn’t such a role model for many women. Not AOC readers, who understand that millions of people worldwide live every day in poop.

Carrie Bradshaw’s self-indulgent preoccupations with her farting stalked out a position front and center this morning, reading the poop scoop PR story.

We take you back in video time to that most horrible day in Carrie Bradshaw’s life: the day she farted and the event nearly destroyed her entire life. Read on in Women Rebels.