The Macho Mess of American Food Aid in Haiti

HopeTracker| Four days into the new food distribution system in Haiti, paper coupons for rice are more valuable than money, reports the NYTimes.

Women hide the coupons in their bosoms, as schemers create counterfeits. The coupon scheme, modeled after the successful German Red Cross program that worked in Haiti from day one — when other methods failed — is the best hope for feeding Haitians, suffering where sustenance is scarce.

Are there lessons for Americans in the reality that treating food giveaways as Darwinian sport — throwing biscuits and bottles of canola  into crowds where big men jockeyed for position — symbolizes all that’s wrong with global aid in the 21st century?

We think so. Anne of Carversville exists to shed light on this kind of thinking. If you want to understand how we poured $1 trillion worth of aid money into Africa with no results, consider the connections.  Read on: Chaos Eases in Effort to Help Feed Haiti’s Hungry.