The Dynamic Complexity of British Women

RedTracker| We have some wild and contradictory stories coming out of England on British relationships.

The London Times reports that men are getting engagement rings as genders soldier forward into equality, probably influenced by trends in Scandinavia. Two-thirds of Brits say it’s fine for women to ask a man to marry her, and even more men agree. Read Rules of ‘mengagement’: are men’s engagement rings a sign of equality?

As progressive as ‘mengagement’ might sound, today’s Daily Mail writes that what these same younger British women want is a return to the traditional values of home and family. They want men to be the breadwinners, according to Geoff Dench, who analysed responses to questions asked in the annual British Social Attitudes survey. Read on What women want in 2010: A husband who’ll be the main breadwinner.

Sexy, Yummy Mummys

Now for the sex stuff. Unlike the American women who do one thing and say another, 76 percent of netmums (a 12,000 website, making it highly trafficked) say they are watching porn, usually with their husbands. This represents a 10 percent increase in one year.

Better still, of the 4,200 women surveyed, four in five women like to dress up for their husbands, including in role play, often as a French Maid.

Whoever said that the Brits are sexually repressed doesn’t know how much fun one can have in a Victorian parlor. FOX reports the survey: Women Having Wilder Sex, Watching Porn, Survey Reveals. Anne