The Big Diplomatic Question Is: Did Somali President Sharif Ahmed Shake Hillary's Hand?

Beyond the Veil| Update 5:07pm: According to Islamic Awakening Forums, Hillary extended her hand, and a ‘robust’ handshake was the outsome.

WaPo just reminded me of the delicate balance involving the handshake in Somalia. Did he or didn’t he? If President Sharif Ahmed did shake her hand, was it photographed. We will soon be tracking the changes in women’s lives, as countries collapse to conservative Islam.

As is the case with Orthodox Jews, the genders must not touch in conservative Islam.

Somalia is a traditionally moderate Muslim country, in which music and poetry are treasured. Historically, the genders have shaken hands, disregarding a taboo according to some conservative readings of Islam. With a more conservative strain of Islam now occupying the country, no one knows what to expect on the subject of handshake diplomacy.

Hence the problem, which is already solved — one way or the other. So far, nothing in Google. Anne via Washington Post