Terence Conran | NOWNESS | Concorde 'Flights of Fancy'

Living| On this day in 1976, the Concorde made its maiden commercial flight on both Air France and British Airways. Air France flew Paris, Dakar and Rio de Janeiro; British Airwars from London to Bahrain.

Anne was privileged to know the sensation of flying through space at twice the speed of sound and heights of 60,000 feet, from which she saw the curvature of our precious Earth.

The carbon footprint of the plane wasn’t her concern in those days, when Anne’s focus was more about flying into the future than protecting natural resources under assault. Today Anne is more balanced in her vision.

Today’s NOWNESS interviews Sir Terence Conran who received the design assignment of refitting the Concorde’s interior in 2001, after the tragic crash in Paris in July 2000. In 2003, the 20-strong Concorde fleet was grounded for largely economic reasons. Read on.