Take The Khalid Sheik Mohammed Trial to DC

Three weeks before Sept. 11: NO PLACE TO PARK A PARACHUTE: A motor-driven parachute hangs from the torch of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. A man using the parachute to glide above New York Harbor was arrested Thursday morning after he became snagged on the Statue of Liberty’s upraised torch and had to be rescued by police. Thursday, August 23, 2001.HopeTracker| Thankfully, someone is getting some sense in the head. Several media outlets are reporting that bending under enormous bipartisan pressure, the White House told US Attorney General Eric Holder to condsider moving the 9/11 trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

I remember Holder saying he only had to face his mother on this decision, but actually the reality of putting lower Manhattan dead-center as a terrorist target might warrant a larger consensus.

After the ‘F’ the government (including eight years of the Bush administration) got on any progress towards protecting us from bioterror attacks since Sept. 11, and given that our government couldn’t get the swine ful shots into people’s hands to save their lives (thankfully Mother Nature seems to have given us a reprieve), I don’t have an ounce of confidence in our ability to protect my favorite woman in the world, with a terrorist trial 500 yards from her majesty.

You see, I live with this constant fear that this dame is goin’ down. Look at this incident just three week’s before 9/11.  She’s a sitting duck from Liberty State Park, where we had better be on closeup surveilance, or I’m worried beyond saving.

You want to see Americans totally hysterical? This is the big one. As someone who posted about airplane terrorist attacks before 911, please take my advice here. (I’m not so smart. The document was posted on the CIA website.)

And what would officials do, if a suspicious person was sighted in Liberty State Park? Get a search warrant for future use? Wait for the holster missile to be perfectly positioned and then send in the Jersey City police to save the day?

New York got slammed in Governor Patterson’s new budget. We’re all hurting. When I say ‘slammed’ I mean on an ‘our fair share’ basis. New York got torpedoed.

I believe that New Yorkers were scheduled to pay the zillion dollars for security this in Holder’s plan. Take it home ‘bro and keep the lady out of harm’s way.

The lower Manhattan real estate market — commercial and residential — will never recover with this trial downtown. So the idea of renting a big tent on the outskirts of Washington sounds like a good idea to me. Anne

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