Taiji Japan Slaughters Dolphins with Human-Like Brains


 GreenTracker| A simple Science Daily article about dolphin consciousness took me deep into the topic of dolphin slaughter — again. This is a priority focus at Anne of Carversville but I never understood until today, just how superior dolphin brains are considered, compared to other animals. On one important scale, dolphin brains approach human ones and have a more complex, convoluted cerebral cortex than the human brain.

Researchers don’t fully understand the implications of dolphin consciousness but the possibility that we are killing and making hucksters of truly advanced creatures grows more likely every year.

As we try to wrestle with issues around animal rights (I’m neither ‘green’ or a vegetarian but hopefully increasingly mindful), there is no doubt in my mind that the killing of dolphins must stop.  The argument of ‘cultural relativity’ for Japan doesn’t work with me.

Murdering dolphins to sustain a Japanese fishing town is right up there with men flogging women in Sudan.  The traditions are immoral, and I don’t care what the cultural relativists say. Anne

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