Swiss Join Finland, Norway, Spain With Women-Majority Governments

Switzerland’s Councillor of State Simonetta Sommaruga (R-L), National Councillors Jaqueline Fehr, Hildegard Faessler, and Basel’s Kanton’s executive Eva Herzog of the Swiss Social Democratic Party (SP), pose after a party hearing in Zug August 28, 2010.RedTracker| Women couldn’t even vote in Switzerland until 1971. It was 1984 before the country had its first female elected minister, who are elected and not appointed in Switzerland. Yesterday the Swiss voted in its fourth woman minister, out of seven.

Switzerland joins Finland, Norway, Spain and Cape Verde as countries having a majority of women in government, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union.

“She is very credible for people from all parties — she is not a feminist or leftist,” said Lukas Godber, an analyst with gfs.bern, a political and social research institute. via NYTimes

It may be important for a Swiss commentator to point out that new minister Simonetta Sommaruga isn’t a feminist (whatever that means) but Switzerland leads America in positive indicators for women on the World Economic Forum Index.