Swedish Study of 40,000 Women | Sun-Exposed Women Live Longer

RoseTracker| Håkan Olsson, chief physician at Sweden’s division of oncology at Lund University, has surveyed the sun exposure habits of 40,000 women in southern Sweden. There is no question in his mind that the health benefits of spending extended periods in the sun outweigh the negatives.

Olsson also argues that “that there can be other factors other than the sun which affect the risks for developing malignant melanomas”.

Exposure to sun is positively associated with reduced blood clots — twice as common in the darker periods of the year than in Sweden’s summer. Type 2 diabetes shows seasonal variations. The wide variations in the length of day in Sweden provides an interesting research perspective for studying sunlight and human health. via The Local

Experts warn that many people lack vitamin D, which is found in oily fish, eggs and butter. Ninety percent of our supply of vitamin D comes from sunlight on skin.