Superstar Hindu Swami In Sex Scandal

GlobeTracker| Sex scandals aren’t confined to the Catholic Church, although in the case of India’s Hindu super guru Paramhamsa Nityananda, the injured parties are close confidantes who say they’re unmasking the swami as a spiritual fraud. All involved women are apparently consenting adults, including the Tamil actress who collaborated with a male colleague, a converted Christian thoroughly disgusted by the spiritual man’s lifestyle of sex, money, power and prestige.

Unfortunately, we’ve all heard the story before from spiritual leaders: ‘do as I say, not as I do.’

It wasn’t our intention to move from the Vatican’s Legionaries of Christ, the most conservative Catholic order founded by Regnum Christi, scandal to a Hindu swami. Google just served this one up to us in a key word search.

As always, life is more interesting than fiction. Read on: In India Famous Hindu Holy Man Paramhamsa Nityananda Has Own Sexy Scandal.  Anne