Stupak Declares His Personal Principles More Important Than Supreme Court's Roe vs Wade Ruling | Health Care Reform Can Fall for His Beliefs

HopeTracker| Since the beginning of the health care debate, we’ve asked if abortion will derail health care reform. Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich. made it clear to the nation this morning that even though abortion is a legal right of American women, his personal principles on abortion are more important than his obligations to constituents and the country on health care reform.

The Senate bill does not include the even more restrictive constraints on women seeking abortion coverage passed in the House of Representatives, although it in NO way loosens federal dollars to fund abortion.

Rep. Stupak openly admits that overturning Roe vs Wade is his life objective and he will sacrifice any other legislative concern or obligations to American citizens to support his principles.

“I want to see health care pass. I agree… people are being priced out of the market. We must have health care but, boy, there are some principles and beliefs that some of us are not going to pass,” he said. “We’re prepared to take the responsibility. I mean, I’ve been catching it ever since last fall. Let’s face it, I want to see health care. But we’re not going to bypass some principles and beliefs that we feel strongly about.” via ABC News