Study | Rich Lack Empathy & Face Reading Skills

via NYTimes; Getty Images/DeAgostiniRoseTracker| In a paper entitled ‘Social Class, Contextualism, and Empathic Accuracy’, three psychological researchers Michael W. Kraus, at the University of California, San Francisco; Stéphane Côté, at the University of Toronto; and Dacher Keltner, the University of California, Berkeley — assert that rich people lack empathy.

Dr. Keltner reminds us that the science of understanding how rich and poor people experience the world is very young, not even a decade old. In a series of experiments involving members of different classes, members of the upper class were less able to accurately identity the actual emotions being expressed on people’s faces.

In another experiement, upper-class participants had a harder time reading the emotions of strangers during simulated job interviews. via NYTimes