Study | Majority of Abused Women Call Partners 'Highly Dependable'

RedTracker| In a new study of 611 lower-income women living in urban settings with a partner or husband. 42.8% said they had been ‘abused’ in the past year, although the PR release doesn’t define the word ‘abuse’. Psychological abuse was reported significantly more often than physical abuse, and sexual abuse was reported the least.

The study focused on the already-established psychological relationship between women and their abusers, trying to probe deeper into the perceptions of women about their partners. More than half (54%) saw their partners as highly dependable, while one in five (21%) felt the men in their lives possessed significant positive traits (i.e., being affectionate).

We find this topic complex, unable to separate accepted patriarchal attitudes from psychological abuse. Physical and sexual abuse are easier to label as unacceptable and reason for action. Are ‘highly dependable’ men more likely to be abusive? It makes sense to us.

When one party is superior over another, without a checklist of what’s considered psychological abuse, we’re not clear what therapists and social service providers hope to learn that will help women and their partners, living in a larger society that is infused with male dominance. via Science Daily