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Dots| An uncomissioned concept editorial hit the digital airwaves this morning, a brilliant expression of women’s history, American power and materialism.

Based on my first read of comments, the editorial by photographer David K. Shields, stylist Chris Lorimer and model Stella Maxwell is going right over the heads of most readers.

It’s not going over mine. ‘Cut & Paste’ would never appear in American Vogue, being way too cerebral or ‘occult’ as one person called it.  The rich visual metaphors place it appropriately in our discussion of feminism, religion, female sexuality, materialism and dominance over nature in America and beyond.

This gift from New Zealand couldn’t come at a better moment. It’s a superb example of very process of independent creativity and bloggers at work that’s seriously criticized in the fashion industry today.

Some may call this little Boston Tea Party act “incompetent”. I say “bring it on. More, more.” It’s brilliant self promotion that resonates. Anne

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