Stanford | Climate Change Believers Better Qualified

GreenTracker| Stanford University has evaluated the work of 900 climate researchers, citing the number of times their work was published in peer review journals and also cited by other researchers. The study concludes that the small number of scientists who are unconvinced that humans have made a significant contribution to climate change have far less expertise and prominence in climate research. 

Inclusion in the ‘expertise’ review required a review of the four most frequently cited papers published in any field by each scientist in any publication (not only environmental) and also by other researchers. Pro climate change researchers were cited 64 percent more often than the unconvinced. 

The Stanford review also established the top 100 climate researchers, 97 percent of whom believe in human-effected climate change. Anticipating charges of group think, the study refutes the charge in advance saying: “If you were a young researcher and had the data to overturn any of the mainstream paradigms, or what the IPCC has done, you would become absolutely famous… Everyone wants to be the next Darwin, everyone wants to be the next Einstein.” via Science Daily