Sports Figures Donate Some Money to Haiti

GivingTracker| Searching for more information about Tiger Woods and his potential $3 million donation to Haiti, I stopped in at FanHouse, for a look at the support for Haiti among sports figures. Are they giving anywhere near Hollywood folks like Angelina Jolie, Giselle, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and company?

Tiger’s donation appears to be in limbo for the moment, with other priorities on his mind. We reported earlier that his foundation is considering the best effectiveness of dollars donated to Haiti. Woods is apparently being treated at the clinic which features a sexual addiction program created by Dr. Patrick Carnes, who has pioneered treatment for sexually compulsive behavior. via RadarOnline

It seems no philanthropy brass rings yet, but every little bit helps. When people like Giselle put down $1.5 million on the relief table, it’s a ‘put your money where your mouth is’ statement to sports figures. Come on guys, let’s pony up here.

Jay Mariotti’s FanHouse reports today that Alonzo Mourning and Miami Heat teammate Dwayne Wade (under fire dor storing guns inside his locker at DC’s Verizon Center) jumped into action with ‘The Athletes Relief Fund for Haiti’ which has drawn $1 million in pledges from athletes. Wade donated a one-game paycheck of $175,000, while Lebron James, Devin Durant and Christ Paul were giving $100,000 each.

The four major sports leagues in North America — Major League Baseball, the NFL, the NBA and the NHL — donated a collective $5 million, with help from the NFL and NBA players’ unions. NASCAR sent airplanes with support teams. The New York Yankees sent $500,000.

Over in Australia, Roger Federer organized ‘Hit for Haiti’ which raised $185,000. Read more details at Jay Mariotti’s FanHouse.