Spanked Children Become Disobedient Schoolyard Bullies

Love|Peace As recently as 2005, 72% of American parents said that spanking children is fine. In one of the first coomprehensive studies of spanking, Tulane University researchers confirmed what child psychologists have been saying for years.

After controlling for other factors such as parental neglect, maternal depression and stress, and the child’s aggressive tendencies as a toddler, spanking creates children more likely to grow into kindergartner bullies and generally destructive and disobedient children.

“Children imitate behavior that their parents model for them. If both parents use spanking as a means of controlling their children, then their children are much more likely to use physical force with playmates and siblings.” via ABC News

Of 2,500 American mothers surveyed across the country, 46 percent reported no spanking in the last month, 28 percent said they spanked one to two times, and 26 percent reported spanking more than twice.