Spanish Magazine Pictures Breastfeeding Moms As Cows

RedTracker| Women are cows? We’re working with Anne’s friend Jordi Solé to understand the details of this article appearing in Spain, suggesting that modern women don’t breastfeed. Jordi writes about the controversy on his blog revolution matriarcal.

The focus of the article is to ridicule Spanish women who breastfeed, arguing that there’s no scientific basis for the alleged health benefits of breastfeeding. We wonder what health journals these people are reading! (more)

In choosing these graphics, the magazine is conveying that women who breastfeed are cows. Plain and simple.

We know that Aristotle and the orthodox wings of monotheistic religion believe that women are animalistic, irrational creatures, but to see these images in 2010, and in a European magazine, is nothing less than stunning.

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