South Africa's Massive Anti-AIDS Campaign

South Africa's anti-AIDS effortGlobeTracker| Today’s NYTimes shares news of South Africa’s largest-ever anti AIDS campaign. As the world turn’s its focus on South Africa’s hosting of soccer’s world cup games, the country has launched a massive campaign to test 15 million of the country’s 49 million people for HIV by June 2011.

South Africa has moved forward quickly on this issue, after the AIDS denialism views of former president Thabo Mbeki. On Sunday, current SA president Jacob Zuma admitted to having unprotected sex with a muh younger woman, having decided “to eradicate the silence and stigma that accompanies this epidemic.” President Zuma also said that another test proved him to be HIV-negative.

The South African economy has huge challenges in handling the load of AIDS patients, where the future is bleak for millions of AIDS orphans. A circumcision effort is also underwear, with research confirming that uncircumcised men are more likely to have AIDS. (We know circumcision is debatable for some readers.) Read on at NYT.