Someone Must Stop Saucy British Women!

RedTracker| Anne here. My imagination got a bit carried away just now, writing about Kate Moss and British mums at last night’s Mummy Rocks benefit in London. Moss didn’t take off her clothes; she did place a paid-for big kiss on Hosh Ibrahim at the benefit for Great Ormand Street Hospital.

Truthfully, Kate was delivering a long-overdue wet one.

We’re posting too much about Kate lately, but seeing this group of saucy Brits posing as respectable mothers more or less unnerved me. I may be a stray cat in my relations with Rome, but I know when to call for help.

Unfortunately, my appeals to Pope Benedict went unheard, because he’s … well, he’s busy preparing for Easter. Read on Anne Calls the Vatican About Kate Moss, Mummy Rocks & British Women.