Smart Thinking: Google, Newton & Burj Khalifa

Dots| I love the Christian Science Monitor for many reasons, but high on today’s list is that I now know why red balls have been falling off of Google today.

The animation’s great, but rather than concentrate on my writing, I spent valuable time trying to figure out apples vs cherries, finally deciding apples, when a friend asked me how they looked against the Google O.

“Ah yes,” I responded. “Good point. They are apples. Did George Washington chop down an apple tree?”

Let me spare you misinformation. It’s Isaac Newton’s b-day today — 367 years old, if he was sitting here. Read about this great scientist at CSM. Without his contributions to our understanding of the laws of gravity and motion, Dubai’s Burj Khalifa might not have risen half a mile into the sky today.

Burj Khalifa Rises Half A Mile Into Dubai Sky