Smart Sensuality Virgin Atlantic Sizzles In the Friendly Skies

4-D VS Angels Could Welcome Virgin Atlantic into New York Air Space Dots

Dots| After writing about last night’s Ralph Lauren 4-D techno illumination of Madison Avenue, Anne bumped straightaway into the new Virgin Atlantic commercial, its first TV campaign in the US. The Vigin advert is so sexist that it’s irresistable.

Anne loves the commercial, which only underscores how shallow she can be at times.

Anne references a terrorist takeout of the Statue of Liberty — beware of 4-D flying Angels in New York Harbor, she wrote, in yesterday’s post. After watching the Virgin Atlantic commercial, she nixed Delta and married up Virgin Atlantic and Victoria’s Secret. Hence the title above.

On second thought today, after reading the lukewarm Internet reception that last night’s for-real Victoria’s Secret show is generating in buzz, it’s back to the drawing board. Maybe a Virgin-VS marketing marriage isn’t so good after all.

We’ll see what Richard Branson had to say about the VS fashion show. Looking at the sexist but so well-done Smart Sensuality Virgin Atlantic commercial, VS may not be sophisticated enough for the Virgin Atlantic brand.

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