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Olivia Wilde | Flaunt #112 | Helping Out In Haiti Sensuality News

‘Tron’ actress Olivia Wilde is one hot lady on Flaunt Magazine Issue #112. Wilde is testing her Smart Sensuality wings, trying to assist in Haiti.

“Our goal is also to encourage a sense of nationalism and pride that will stop the brain drain so people can get educated, go to med school, or any other kind of school elsewhere, but have a sense of responsibility to come back there and help there own country. That’s woven into the fabric of our curriculum,” Olivia Wilde explains, talking about her work opening a new school in Port-Au-Prince called the Academy for Peace and Justice.

Working with her friend Maria Bello, Olivia has documented Raphael Louigene’s successful bid to open Sun City Picture House, a movie theater. Two American aid workers, Bryn Mooser from Artists for Peace and Justice, and Dave Darg, who works for Operation Blessing, built the theater in four days.

YAPJ, Young Artists for Peace and Justice — a youth outreach division of APJ —  is teaming up with the Global Poverty Project’s Hugh Evans and Bobby Bailey, to hit up 100 college campuses in 100 days with 1.4 MILLION REASONS, a presentation designed to challenge our assumptions about the poor, charity and an individual’s role in the globalized world.

Global Poverty Project UK Launch

Smart Sensuality Women

We could have used a more ladylike image of Olivia Wilde than her current Flaunt editorial. In fact, we want to make clear that Anne of Carversville readers are Smart Sensuality People With Heart.

It’s Saint Shakira who says that ‘libido is the engine of the world’, and we agree. Our goals of redefining sensuality as a positive word are clear in our minds, as the New Year approaches.

In 2011, we will demonstrate again and again that Smart Sensuality women led by Shakira, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Queen Rania, Alicia Keyes, and Charlize Theron … just for starters … are movers and shakers, the empathizers who use all of our womanly gifts, including sensuality and beauty on behalf of the world’s poor, disadvantaged and suffering.

We are not the me-me brigade, as conservatives and religious zealots suggest. Quite the contrary, we are women and men of action, not based on national or religious ideologies, but by our humanity. We put people first.

Throughout 2011, we will ask Victoria’s Secret to give up diamond bombshell bras and embrace a more personal relationship with women. The bra is a symbol of American decadence and excess, born of the last decade.

We join Charlize Theron, who says ‘Down with Diamonds!’

As the leading sensuality brand for American women, Victoria’s Secret should return to a more intimate connection and brand message. A global movement of sexy people with heart is growing worldwide, and VS needs to get on board.

We don’t dispute the idea that diamonds are a good investment for the wealthy. ( See Freja Beha Erichsen | Patrick Demarchelier | Harry Winston Jewelry)

But diamonds are ‘cold’ and ‘heartless’ as Charlize reminds us, ripping them off her neck. A Smart Sensuality woman may be very successful, but she is not defined by the clothes on her back or the diamonds on her bra. Her womanliness speaks for itself without props. Anne

Charlize Theron | Dior J’Adore Parfum Video | Down with Diamonds!

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