Smart, Powerful Women Advance with Men's Names

Australia’s first female Governor-General Quentin Bryce may have got a career boost from her traditionally masculine first name.RedTracker| Does a woman names Quentin Bryce sound inordinently competent or what! A study about the power of names confirms that Australia’s first female Governor-General may have gotten a career boost from her name.

Women with masculine names make more money as lawyers than those with feminine names and are more likely to be appointed to judgeships, say researchers at Clemson University in South Carolina.

The more masculine the better. A woman named Kelly has a five per cent greater chance of becoming a judge than a Sue, while Cameron’s odds are tripled and a female Bruce’s are quintupled.

As for Quentin Bryce, I think those medals look positively smashing against her Smart Sensuality suit.

I just love the expressions on men’s faces when the ravishingly lovely Quentin walk into the room. Androgyny is very sexy.

Congratulations Madame Governor-General or however we should address you. A