Skiing Superstar Lindsey Vonn Is Injured

Body Politics America’s superstar skier Lindsey Vonn is seriously injured, arriving in Vancouver with a deeply-bruised shin. Vonn announced her injury on the ‘Today Show’ this morning. Vonn is first scheduled to compete on Sunday, Feb 14. Presently, she can barely get her skin boot on, and leaning forward is excrusiatingly painful.

Vonn sustained the shin injury two weeks ago, training in Austria and hasn’t practiced since. The Minnesota-born ski mogul has been both the subject of admiration and controversy with her appearance first on the cover of Sports Illustrated, posed perfectly — but sexually — cried some women.

Lindsey also appears in the just-released Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. We reject the argument that Vonn was ‘exploited’ and ‘victimized’ by Sports Illustrated. Our greatest concern is for her shin-injury recovery and for America’s Olympic hopes. Read on in Body | Beauty | Sex