Six Months Later | Haiti Recovery Is A Total Mess

GivingTracker| Six months after the TV crews have mostly left Haiti, the billions of dollars pledged in aid have yet to arrive. An estimated one million Haitians remain displaced and the country is rubble. 

The lines of authority are unclear among the weak Haitian government, the many donor nations and multilateral banks, and myriad government contractors and charitable organizations. Many Haitians complain the government has suffered from a leadership deficit. President René Préval couldn’t be reached to comment. via WSJ

We’ve often wondered if there’s a website that accounts for all the money pledged by the world’s governments to one initiative or another, and the dollars actually delivered. Pledging is the easy part. With the world economy in a perilous recovery mode, is Haiti off the radar? Read on: Six MOnths On, Haiti Aid Push Falters.