"Sing for Hope" & Monica Yunus Heal Spirits

Co-director of “Sing for Hope” Monica YunusChris directed us to “Sing for Hope”, after reading my post on Dr. Muhammad Yunus’s daughter, opera-singer Monica Yunus. Monica is a co-director of “Sing for Hope”. We’re so pleased to update our earlier story about “Sing for Hope”, as the sponsor for pianos all over Manhattan on this first day of summer 2010.

Count them — 60 pianos — are placed in public parks around the city, making music in such diverse locations as Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, the Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn, the Shelsea Market in Manhattan, Athens Square Park in Queens and the Snug Harbour Children’s Museum in Staten Island.

“Sing for Hope” deserves first-rate billing as a splendid organization of more than 600 professional artists from every venue who volunteer in three main sectors. When they’re not bringing Luke Jerram’s pianos to New York in a project called “Play Me, I’m Yours”, the talented creatives at “Sing for Hope” are focused on:

Informance Arts: Educational outreach for underserved children

Healing Arts: In-hospital performances and workshops that complement the healing process

Gala Arts: Benefit concerts that raise awareness and funds for humanitarian causes.

“Sing for Hope maintains educational outreach programs for underserved children and in-hospital performances for spirit and body.Watching this video about “Sing for Hope” performing at New York’s Mt. Sinai hospital, I am deeply touched by the sentiments expressed concerning the relevance and meaning of the artists’ performances to people who will never leave the hospital.

Monica Yunus and all her colleagues and fellow artists at “Sing for Hope” inspire us further in the “Yunus tradition” of creating value and meaning in human lives through service; a steadfast belief in the abilities of ordinary people — especially the world’s women; an entrepreneurial, fair and ethical business spirit; and an appreciation of beauty, international culture and artistry. Enjoy and contribute please. Anne

Sing for Hope Healing Arts at Mt. Sinai Medical Center