Silly Fashionistas Beg Palin's Forgiveness | Sorry About the Antlers, Sarah | Don't Shoot!

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Mama Grizzlie Sarah Palin is upset that we might think she likes violence.

“We’re not going to retreat; we’re going to reload,” said Mama Grizzlie #1 in New Orleans.

Critics say that we ‘liberals’ are ganging up on her for suggesting that Mrs. Palin loves gun analogies. Barbara Walters has come to Palin’s defense. Glenn Beck has also come to the defense of the top Mama Grizzlie.

Just for the record, we’re talking politics in general, not the massacre in Tucson. Reality is that we’re all stirred up on guns and violence today here in America.

Sarah Palin is a woman of peace. Glenn Beck is a man of peace.

Sorry, we gotta read the transcripts. Did Glenn Beck ever extol peace in his life? Seriously now. Ever?

“Sarah, as you know, peace is always the answer,” he (Glenn Beck) said he wrote in his email to her. “I know you’re feeling the same heat — if not much more — on this. I want you to know you have my support. But please look into protection for your family. An attempt on you could bring the republic down.” via WSJ

We doubt it, Glenn, and thanks for adding fuel to the fire. Bringing down the republic down is pretty damn dramatic.

Can we note that it’s Glenn Beck himself who is suggesting that someone might take out Sarah Palin and ‘bring down’ the republic. We’ve heard no suggestions that Sarah Palin is in danger.

It is our understanding that America is one of the most violent countries on earth. Some suggest that America erotizes violence. We will quantify America’s relationship with violence in the coming days and also who is ‘hit’ by political party.

As for the Victoria’s Secret Michael Bey commercials that do eroticize violence, we have no clout there. Don’t buy the brand if you don’t like the violence.

A most interesting article appears today on a first-rate website Seeking Alpha, devoted to financial analysis and tracking stock values, with an rank of 1, 821 — meaning a lot of readers.

The article says: A First Shot in the Coming Class War? To be continued. It must be a dull day on Wall Street, although our friend Cryano did write about that horrific class war idea recently.

Tonight our only goal is to feature the fashion editorial above, begging Sarah Palin to understand that we aren’t real caribou, in spite of the antlers. It’s just fashion. Stand down, Sarah.

We’re the Snake Charmer girls, the old-fashioned peace nits. You know Sarah … make love, not war. John Lennon, Yoko Ono. Repulsive to Conservatives, but people with good hearts and we actually have contributed a thing or two to the success of the country. Thomas Jefferson was a Snake Charmer.

We’re only a bunch of fashionistas having a good time, talking about man’s dominance over nature and his right to kill everything in sight, because it’s his (and hers, too) God-given right. Let’s get serious here, Sarah. Read us loud and clear. We’re not messing with you.

Mama Grizzlies are much bigger than Snake Charmer girls any day of the week. Plus you have backup, Sarah. You got a posse that demands respect. Rush, Glenn, Bill O’Reilly.

Hey, we know when to say ‘uncle’. This is the United States of America and guns rule!

No problem. We’ll get the heck out of Dodge. It’s your country, Sarah. We’re not messing with you guys. Sweden awaits. Maybe France. Finland. Norway.

Someone will take us in, understanding that toting a gun into the local saloon or college classroom seems a bit last century. So sorry for our progressive attitudes. We don’t mean to offend, Sarah. We are NOT looking for trouble.

Oh s***. I think one of those crosshairs is pointed at Philadelphia, home of Independence Hall, right down the street. Duck, Anne, duck!

Oh, Lord. What is they hit the Liberty Bell!

Watch Sarah get her antlers. Now you know why the Snake Charmer girls are shaking in our sensual booties. No more antlers at Christmas parties either. Game over!