Sharply Divided American Views on Israel

Love|Peace A new Zogby Poll reveals that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is caught up in the same partisan divide that’s impacting other issues in America.

Eighty-one percent of U.S. citizens say the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has hurt their country’s interests, according to a new poll, although a sharp partisan divide increasingly frames the issues.

Following the Israeli press intensely, we believe it wise that they reframe their analysis beyond the assertion that President Obama is anti-Israel, but implying that Democrats remain pro-Israel. The poll results and popular press/blogs indicate otherwise.

Democrats in particular are frustrated with the entire Israeli attitude, which doesn’t cause us to favor Palestinians. As I’ve expressed under my own personal views, Democrats and the majority of Independents are disgusted with the entire situation. Among Republicans, Israel’s support remains unusually high. Read on in Love|Peace