Shakira's ALAS Signs Agreement for Universal Education in Latin America by 2021

GivingTracker| At the 19th Ibero-American summit in Portugal this, Shakira signed a cooperation agreement on behalf of the ALAS Foundation (Fundacion America Latina en Accion Solidaria), a charity she co-founded, with the Latin American General Secretariat and the Organization of Latin American States.

The goal of the document is a big one: to achieve universal education for children in the region by 2021.

Shakira was in Portugal with development economist Jeffrey Sachs, her close colleague on work for ALAS and her Barefoot Foundation, which she launched at age 18 to help the poor children of Colombia.

Newsweek picks up the story in Child Scare.

Francisco Leong / AFP-Getty Images via NewsweekShakira’s philanthropy works are well known at Anne of Carversville. The biggest new update to her work in Portugal this week is the transfer of attention on children’s education from one woman president — Chilean President Michelle Bachelet — to the chair of next year’s summit Argentine President Cristina [Fernández de] Kirchner, who will host the summit in Buenos Aires.

The premise of ALAS and Shakira’s and Jeffrey Sachs arguments is that a poor child becomes a poor adult without education and nourishment.

Chilean president Michelle Bachelet is a pediatrition who clearly understands the connection between nourishment and healthy brain development.

“No kid dreams of becoming a militant, a drug trafficker, or a criminal; in the poorest countries and towns they will tell you they dream about becoming doctors, nurses, firefighters, and lawyers. It is society that corrupts their ideals and dreams,” says Shakira.

On Dec. 7th this week Shakira will speak at Oxford University in England. Anne

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