Shakira Marries Positive Sexuality & Global Activism In One Woman

GivingTracker| We love how Shakira talks about global poverty and sexuality in the same breath. We hope to demonstrate over time that poverty, the suppression of women’s rights, patriarchal attitudes and controlling female sexuality all sit on the same values continuum in most countries in the world.

Organized religion, while helping poor women and children, also promotes an agenda that keeps women in their places. The feminist arguments around several of the world’s largest religions are that current religioius practices aren’t founded on the original tenets of the religion.

I’m happy to say that many Muslim feminists are advancing the argument that contemporary Islam bears no resemblance to the prophet Muhammad’s actual views. Dissident views in Catholicism are less reported by America’s mainstream press, but many Catholic women also believe that Rome has strayed far away from the teachings of Christ.

Our ‘Saint Shakira’ recently called libido the “engine of the world”, which is exactly how we see libido here at Anne of Carversville.

We share Shakira’s view that if men spent less time trying to control female sexuality and more time focused on educating women and girls, supporting them in small business ventures and generally lifting the world’s women to a more equal status, that the original religioius precepts of Christ, Muhammad and other ancient religious leaders to thrive in a spirit closer to the real message of these great religious activists.

Our mission parallels Shakira’s: embrace a positive sexuality that unleashes a torrent of Smart Sensuality activism and focus on improving the lives of poor women around the world. Anne

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