Shakira in Washington | Rafael Nadal Video

GivingTracker| Saint Shakira keeps us hopping. Here we’re writing about her brilliant performance yesterday in Washington, talking turkey about kids’ education with POTUS and VP Biden in the Oval Office before strolling over to a World Bank meeting, where she penned her signature on a $300 million World Bank, Columbia University, ALAS joint initiative for kids in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Enough for one day — for a mere mortal woman.

Not Shakira, who delivers a sultry new video with significantly younger (11 yrs) tennis star Rafael Nadal. Saying they’re just good friends, it’s kiss-kiss denials all around with Shakira’s forever boyfriend (fiance) Antonio de la Rua and Nadal’s sweetie Maria Francisca Perello, aka Xisca. Actually, the buzz was flying Sept 2009 around the US Open and all survived. Men and women can be friends.

OK, back to Shakira’s kids and Saint Shakira Goes to Washington. I hear she’s rumoured to return Thursday, to help the boys work out a health care deal for America. Who will make a jerk out of himself when Ms. Hips Don’t Lie is standing in the doorway.

The word is for all her charm, Shakira doesn’t suffer fools gladly.

The more I think about the idea, a pragmatic, no-nonsense, goal-oriented, ‘yes we can’ Latin American intervention on Thursday may be just what Congress needs on health care.

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Shakira| Rafael Nadal Video