Shakira Admits Family Bankruptcy Motivated Her to Action

Shakira Interviewed by CNN after Oxford Speech, Dec.9,  2009

GivingTracker| We shared details yesterday of Shakira’s Oxford Union speech. This video is new reflects a more personal side of Shakira, in which she shares the details of her family’s bankruptcy when she was eight years old.See story on CNN.

In an effort to turn the negative time of her life into a learning experience, her parents took her to a park, where the even-then determined young girl Shakira vowed to make a financial success of herself but also to help poor children living in Barranquilla. Because of this experience, Shakira launched her Barefoot Foundation at age 18.

I’ve pulled this latest video off YouTube, as the most comprehensive listen of her speech. Shakira speaks in English, but her comments are translated into Spanish onscreen.

Ten Minutes of Shakira’s Speech at Oxford

Listening to the first video, in which Shakira talks about her childhood in Barranquilla, I couldn’t help thinking about my trip there many years ago. Writing about my trip to Colombia as a very young woman brought me in contact with Shakira’s posse.

The rest is history as we say at Anne of Carversville. I don’t call her Saint Shakira for nothing. Anne

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